Confirmation Prep for 9th Grade is for those students who are: home schooled, in a public or private high school (not attending a catholic high school).

This packet contains the following information: Letter to Parents, Dates for Confirmation Classes, How to Choose a Sponsor, Sponsor Form, Service Hour Log, and How to Stay Connected with Holy Ghost Youth. Please contact Trisha Labbe with any questions.

Confirmation Prep 2023- 9th & 10th grades

**takes place in the spring and is for those students who are homeschooled or are attending a public, private, non-Catholic high school. Registration forms can be found below. Please complete the registration form and COVID waiver/liability form.


Class preparation dates and hours:

9th Grade (1pm-2:30pm); 10th grade (3pm-4:30pm)

January 22nd and 29th 

February 5th and 12th 

March 5th and 12th 

April 2nd and 23rd

May 7th and 21st




If you have any questions or conerns, please contact Melissa Berghausen. Thank you!

Confirmation Registration Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [470.4 KB]

9th Grade Confirmation class has a challenge ---why don't we all join in?


Power Down Before You Sleep Guards Your Health 

Checking email or flipping channels instead of sleeping? Playing Tetris or browsing social media in bed? Sleeping with your smartphone under your pillow? The National Sleep Foundation reports 90 % of young & older  adults with at least one electronic device in their bedroom. Staring at our screen after 9 pm can sap your body, turning you into a zombie in the next day the next day. Replace phone time with rosary or a conversation with GOD so you can rest in The Spirit...

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 28, 2022.pdf
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21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 21, 2022.pdf
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19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 10, 2022.pdf
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Holy Ghost Bulletin Sponsors
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